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Dec 18, 2009

Welcome to Devil's Helmet.

I was originally saving this blog for Millvalley and I wasn't going to tell you about all my other stories until I'd finally finished Millvalley; you know keep this blog to a minimum of confusion.

Rnona ~ ı

But I can't help it I'm so happy right now, exploding with happiness I can scarcely type, just dance in place and tap keys. Whoppie!!! 'Sides it's my blog :D double Yay!
Why? The Whoop you ask? Good question.

I just finished the first draft to my second novel,(first YA novel) It's a Dark fantasy, really intense, 'its got a beginning that catches you off guard and doesn't let you go' I've been told.
Daniel Suarez

It's a dark twisting tale about a young girl haunted by the past of her parents (they're still alive if anyone was wondering) which is now coming to claim them after twenty peaceful years. The daughter, Kat, is determined to save her fathers life.

So down-right, head-bent on doing it she is going to enter a place so rotting and terribly, slimy and gruesome there is no one word to describe it's horrors.
If you want to speak in metaphors (I think that's the way to go) It's the home of Satan's little brother, a terrible tyrant of a man named Stratagus (sounds like it's spelled Strata-gus). I misspelled Sagittarius and liked it (way off, I know) .

Because Kat is a " lucky little girl" and the story would be boring and lacking without it, Stratagus is her fathers vowed enemy and is aching to see her father crumble from pain and die!!
So a lot of juicy, intriguing, frightening stuff happens in 170 intense pages before I gave it a kick-ass ending (if I may say so myself). Wow!!


Moral of the story; when someone wrongs you let it drop, holding onto it only hurts you more and(there are two morals, how wholesome?!) do what you gotta do (i.e the right thing) no matter how hard it is.
Tell you more about Devil's Helmet later (really soon)...

Feeling smug and accomplished i.e dancing to no music


  1. This is really interesting :-)

    Keep on writing girl, my goal is to sell my current screenplay early next year! Keep on writing!

  2. Congratulations! You deserve that dance to no music!! xx

  3. Congratulations!! Your book sounds awesome. Have a happy Christmas :)

  4. This sounds so incredibly interesting. I love the fact that the morals of the story are so uncomplicated - it definitely makes the tale more appealing. Can't wait to hear more!!

    Thanks for finding me!! I am now following you on Google Friend Connect!! :)

  5. wow... awesome! congrats, it does really sound interesting!


  6. Congrats on finishing! Keep on dancing, girl! I can't wait to hear more about what happens!

    Are you going to get it published?

  7. gosh you are AMAZING! a second novel huh!
    i'm always in awe of writers...
    anyway, congrats ^_^


  8. Congratulations! It's so nice to meet another writer. I'm applying for MFA programs in creative writing and have just sent out queries for my first middle reader fantasy book.

  9. Wow, that is fantastic that you love to write. Keep it coming sweetie!

  10. happy happy joy joy happy happy!!!
    congrats on finishing your second book;D
    I bet it was really exciting!!!
    however I can't exactly say I'm happy it's finished, over, and done with, because I wanted it to go on FOREVER!!!
    sighhhhhh...all good things come to an end I guess, it's just not cool and not fun what you did to you-know-who!!! *pout pout*
    still haven't decided if I'll forgive you, maybe if you write a sequel or (muttermutter) something...
    Olivia :D :D :D

  11. Oh woa you are so motivating!! I use my dreams too as inpsiration. I like where all of this heading. I'm definitely going to follow you! =)