Shel Silverstein

If you are a dreamer, come in

If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,

a hope-er a pray-er, a magic bean buyer...

If you are a pretender, come sit by my fire

For we have some flax-golden tales to spin.

Come in! Come in!

Jul 29, 2010

In which I make my return.

Once upon a time there was a young girl, she wished upon a wishing star. A passionate wish that all her dreams might come true; such a plea the stars couldn't ignore. So they sent her a magic lamp.
Every month the lamp would glow hot and a plume of golden smoke would be emitted from it and in the smoke the girl would glimpse the future and every time she would get so excited and happy about it that she could scarcely do anything for anticipation. But those wonderful dreamy futures never came to pass for she never strived to achieve them.

Dreams may come to you but only to tell you to chase after them, to encourage you to win the race. The prize at the end of the line--the center of the Tootsie pop!
The race may be the hardest part, but it's also the most fun: the breath before the dive, the cry before the crash, the moment before the future. All good dreams worth the rush are worth the risk, worth pain, worth the persistence and most importantly the practice.

Here seems like a good place to apologize for keeping my rambling to myself as of late. You may have noticed that I have a nasty habit of falling off the planet every now and again. It seems the trouble is, I can only ramble for so long before I must devote myself entirely to study. It's a terrible habit and vicious cycle but my insurance doesn't cover rehab. This slow heave and ho of my life has pulled me ever closer to my dreams.

On the upside, every time I come back my writing finds some mischievous way of improving itself and maturing into something marvelous. And I feel I'm ready to take on any story--most importantly the Vampiric romance I promised you dear readers. So with out further adieu I'll get on to writing it :D