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Dec 23, 2009

Devil's Helmet in greater detail.

Since I got so much positive feedback on my last post about Devil's Helmet I decided to hold the Millvalley train for a one post longer and explain a bit more about Devil's Helmet.

Believe it or not Devil's Helmet is based almost word for word on a dream I had. My dream like most was confusing and made little to no sense, nor did it stick to one point, but the main point of it was I was going to save my dad.
In the dream Stratagus was an old bitter artist with no really good reason for hating my dad, so naturally I had to change the story a lot to make it more interesting. And for my own sake I added two morals and made Stratagus younger :D

(here is a picture I drew of Kat, the main character, I ran her through Photoshop to make her look 3-D)
When I first had the dream I thought it was fun and all, would probably make a cool story but I didn't actually start writing Devil's Helmet until a month later; after I read 'The Singing' by Alison Croggon. Her Tolkien-ish writing style inspired me to write my own story with a whole lot of Tolkien-ish traveling. Then Devil's Helmet was put on paper and that's when I realized I just couldn't keep myself awake while writing like J.R.R. Tolkien*shrug* So no long journey just an intriguing plot and lots of hard decisions.

Lower left is a head shot from the picture I drew of Kat. top right is a model from a Nordstrom advertisement that I thought looked a lot like Kat. Lower right and top left are pictures of Devil's Helmet, draft one and the second chapter of draft two. I would've put the first chapter of the second draft but I lent it to my cus and he hasn't returned it. I guess that means he likes it.

One of the people who commented on my last post asked me if I was going to try and get Devil's Helmet published. The answer is 'yes' like my profile says I'm going to try for the NYTBS so everyone can read it and love it; and destruction via Hollywood so my fans can see it and hate it LOL that seems to be how it works.

I'll try to sneak in an expert soon...'maybe' says the jealous sister who refuses to share her goodies with ANYONE!!!
My sis typed that :D



  1. Oh, I hope your wish to get your work published will come true! It will be the best thing in the world I'm sure!!

    Hope you have a wonderful magical Christmas with your loved ones!!


  2. wow your blog is so unique
    i like it alot keep it up :)

  3. Hmmm, very interesting! I've never seen a blog like this before. Your story sounds very interesting :)

    xo Caitlin

  4. Not only are you a wonderful writer, but you're also a very talented artist! Here's to hoping that 2010 is the year that your dream of being published becomes a reality!! :)

  5. I love that you can turn your dreams into something useful :)

  6. I love that you followed your dreams, quite quite literally!

  7. Your story sounds fabulous! You should post a little bit of it. (: Congrats on finishing!

  8. Inspiring :) Very artsy template. I just recently changed mine as well.