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Dec 4, 2009

Researching the world.

So lately I've been doing more research than writing.
What do I need to research when the story I'm writing is based on nothing but what I imagine? Well there is a lot of stuff to research.

1. Ireland. My leading man, the villain, so to speak is from Ireland; he is an exchange student part of this hands across the world thing (I'll get into that later).

He was a runner, nigh close to being in the 2008 Olympics but he went splashing through a waterfall and shattered his knee cap. Trust me its more dramatic when he tells the story. (Not quite sure where in Ireland he is from)
Lovely Irish photos taken by Edward Dullard

2. The Island of Millvalley is cross between CA and Greece (gotta love that). Since Greek Mythology (which I absolutely adore) plays a key part in my story, I had to "force" my self to research some of the old stories.

Just an annoyingly tiny hint, Medusa and Cupid were researched. What could this mean? I'll tell you....sometime :P
So now that I have all that behind me I can get back to writing and doing homework...but first I have to enjoy my weekend.

Meet you on the equinox :D


  1. Medusa is my favorite character from Greek mythology. What a beautiful blog you have. Good luck with your writing!! Sounds interesting!

  2. You should look up a picture of the Hades and Persephone statue. Look closely at his hand that holds her...the detail of how his fingers press into her's very romantic...look it up on Google or something!

    I want to be on that pirate ship!

  3. Here's a link to the statue I was just talking about...

    and here's a close up;

    I hope you like them...the artwork is so beautiful!

  4. sounds like an interesting story...a guy who almost took part in the olympic games and greek mythology? let me read it when you're finished!

  5. What I'm very interested in knowing is when this book is going to be available to the public...hmmmm? darling you must not leave us hanging...
    Olivia :D