Shel Silverstein

If you are a dreamer, come in

If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,

a hope-er a pray-er, a magic bean buyer...

If you are a pretender, come sit by my fire

For we have some flax-golden tales to spin.

Come in! Come in!

Character Profiles

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 Chelsea's dad-Alfred Doherty 
Alfred had a normal childhood, by that I mean he had no idea what on earth was happening around him. But if he were to look back on his life he'd realize that he'd been four years old during the Great Rebirth and he was ten by the time people fully acknowledged the Dystopia. After the communication failed and the scavenging began Alfred was fifteen and he did what he thought was a sensible move and bought a light house and a ship. 
He had always had a theory that the sea was the only free form of transportation and if you had access to the sea you had access to the world. He was one of those terribly optimistic of sadly ignorant, as he hunkered down in his light house and waited for the whole thing to blow over. But nothing blew over, things just got worse! The earth grew sicker and the fog began to hide the horizon and crimes broke out across the world. His good nature began to wind down as he scraped together a living by fishing. It was meager existence and he discovered a light house had not been the best thing to buy. When he was thirty he met Jasmine she was a young ballerina still managing to make it through life on her smile. 
He wanted her close to him all the time so share her happiness and sunshine so he married her and they had a child together, Chelsea. It was only years after the child was born when Alfred realized the reason for Jasmine’s blissful existence, she was crazy. She lived in a make believe world. At first it didn't bother Alfred and he would play along with her but he'd always feel like an idiot. 
As years went by Jasmine began to slip in her disorder and become more childlike and more trouble to control. Alfred can hardly stand her, he despises her, some would say out of jealousy. His two greatest investments, his wife and light house turned out to be lemons and this has left him bitter. He is determined to never make another investment or change least it take the same rotten turn. 

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Hendricks is the mysterious Arab with silent eyes that yield no past and a still mouth that speaks of no future. He is a demon hunter in a constant battle with Lucifer and that is all that is ever known of this silent character.

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 Rosie McLaughlin
Rosie Posey Pumpkin Pie, is what her mother and friends call her. It’s one of those annoying nicknames that stick with you throughout your life. Her father was a miner and died in tunnel collapse when she was 8 months old. Her mother runs the local day care which also serves as the local orphanage and their house. 
Rosie lives with about ten to twelve girls and boys her age which she’s grown up with. They are ones who stayed out of trouble and stuck with her mother. They now help take care of the orphanage. Rosie is an artist and in her spare time, which is very little, can be found making charcoal or ash drawings. Rosie is a very pretty girl with the self-confidence of a closeted artist. She’s never shown anyone her artwork not even her mother. Like everyone else she is looking for an escape, a way out of this mundane and miserable existence.

When Darius comes to her with his charming words and romantic car rides she jumps at the opportunity or the idea of escape and enjoys the thrill of freedom for the night; that is as long as their relationship lasts. But Darius always holds a place in her mind and heart as the boy who showed her how to escape. He’s also the one she fell in love with.

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 Chelsea Doherty
She was born in the lopsided lighthouse to a scavenging fishmonger and a pleasantly deluded mother who is living in the past. Chelsea grew up in hand-me-down overalls and was working alongside her father since she was old enough to toddle. Chelsea has never seen her mother as a burden but as a friend. 

She will ask her mother how her day was or about her world when she's had a bad day or needed an escape. When her father is not around Chelsea will play make believe with her mother and pretend to be a princess like the ones in her mother's stories. At times she's wanted to live in her mother's world but every time she mentions this desire to her father he threatens to send her mother away. 

Chelsea was never happy about her existence and when she was twelve years old she saw a picture from an old Australian travel guide in her mother's room and has been yearning to runaway to that place. Throughout the years that desire has only gotten stronger and she's become more restless in her life. Once she tried making a boat but she cannot read or write so that made learning how to build it and sail it a hassle.

  Most of her life she has managed to stay out of trouble with the exception of the occasional night her friends will convince her to go out and have fun with them. But that life had never appealed to her idealistic, princess way. She was very much like her mother in a way, though she was not completely lost in this other, better world she certainly behaved like it. Her friends thought it was the cutest thing but everyone else just thought she was crazy.

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Noah Morrison
Noah is the preacher's and bread maker's son. He is also the laughing stock of the entire village. He the nerd, the nut, the looney and whatever else the village kids managed to come up with that was demeaning. He was picked on throughout his childhood which resulted in him spending most of his afternoons in doors on in his own yard. 

He was never the type of kid who needed to have friends, good thing too, because he didn't have any but the little soldiers he carved out of tree branches. He wouldn't burden anyone with his presence if they didn't want him around and he certainly didn't hang around places where he would be bugged. As the odd man out he turned to whatever form or entertainment was available to him. As the son of a preacher and bread maker that only left philosophical, historical and recipe books.

When he was old enough and clever enough, Noah began inventing things out of whatever he could find. He became quite a scavenger. At first they were pretty useless but then they became more complicated and a lot more useful. He spent much of his days hanging out by a marsh that people said was haunted, he never believed them, testing out his inventions; this "oddity" didn't help his rep. 

Despite his unpopularity the village had to admit that Noah's family was doing very well for a one income home. And that success was due to Noah's money saving inventions and his fathers humble garden. It didn't hurt that Noah's mother made the best rolls in the village.
Not much has happened in Noah's life, in fact he probably has the normal-est life in the village, and like many with a normal life and a knack for inventions, he longs for adventure and the fair of places he's read about in his books.

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Darius Reid

Darius was born in the dystopia in a rundown marsh land in the capital city of Scotland to a tired carpenter and a lovely semester. When he was just two years old his mother died of anemia and his father could not afford to bury her. So using the wood from their cabbage shed he built her a coffin. Afterwards he went on to open a funeral home seeing the profit in such a business. The funeral home made the family lots of money, they became the richest in Scotland but it also made the father cold and bitter, many would say he was haunted.

With only a loveless father for company Darius raised himself, playing amongst the street children he grew up tough, hard and conniving. Though he never learned to read a book he was fantastically clever when it came to tricking people into doing things for him. 
When he was tall enough to see over the counter and count money Darius was pulled into the family business. At first he did all he could to please his dad, coming up with ideas to brighten the whole business, but when that didn't work he sought to take the business seeing the weakness of his father.

At the age of seventeen he used his savings to buy a hearse and became the only man in Scotland to afford a car. This hiked up their sales but it did little to bring his father out of his haunting. Darius father was not a drinker and sometimes Darius wished he was for he had no way to excuse half the things his father said. As a combination of working in funeral home and living with his father Darius decided never to suffer the cruelty of love. However, that didn't stop him from pursuing female attention. 

Alfonso the Illusionist.

 Alfonso was born in a little overlooked town in Italy to no-body parents working minimal jobs. His mother worked three jobs, each seeming to pay less than the one before it. His father worked on the ship yards and when Alfonso was old enough, six years old, he was sent to work with his father. Alfonso was never happy about this situation, especially when he started talking to the sailors and they told him about the world, riches and women beyond this little dump. They talked about their stories and he envied their life of adventure.

When Alfonso was sixteen and his father was crushed under a load of wine, being hoisted on to a ship, Alfonso ran away from home and stowed-away. When he was found out by one of the sailors he used to talk to, Roberto, he was invited to join the ship crew. But after three years of this, Alfonso decided life as sailor was little better than the life he'd lived before. So he ran away when the ship docked in France, and he took up a life of stealing from Duchess and Lords. 
One day he woke to find a man sitting at the end of his bed. The stranger was dressed like a gentleman and Alfonso was sure that it was someone he'd robbed, but the stranger insisted otherwise. He introduced himself as Lucifer. He had a silky voice, a handsome face with mischievous eyes.
Lucifer offered to grant Alfonso the life he'd always wanted and everything he could ever dream of...for a small fee. Alfonso agreed thus was born Alfonso the Illusionist! However, should he ever die, he would immediately be dragged to hell. Alfonso didn't like the sound of hell very much and afraid of ever finding himself there he set about finding a way of prolonging his life. He paid a deluded, slightly crazed, inventor to make him a mechanical heart that would never stop beating. The only problem with this new heart was that it didn't clean his blood once it passed threw, and the rusty blood was hurting his other organs. He had the choice of replacing all his other organs, but he'd already killed the inventor to keep his secret or finding new blood. At first he just grabbed whoever he could to steal their blood, but after the initial fear of being caught passed he began to have fun with it.
He liked to pick out a prey that would be challenging. After all, if one is to live forever with the power of Illusion, life should at least be entertaining. He liked to go after men and women of high societal status and become their friends, lovers, and gain their complete trust before killing them off. Sure, they were missed dearly, but no one suspected him. In fact, he managed to convince half of London they were attacked by a werewolf. Several angry mobs, prayer circles, and purification later Alfonso was found out. A supernatural hunter came to town to solve the werewolf crisis and noted that the one thing every victim had in common was Alfonso, he also pointed out that werewolves were never that neat. After being found out, Alfonso simply changed his face, killed the hunter and kept up his sinister game.

Until the Devil came to Alfonso a hundred years later and told him he was taking his claim on his soul. Alfonso protested but the Devil smiled pulling up the contract. He point to a clause that seemed to be written too tiny and in the lightest of gray inks that shivered and moved under ones gaze. This terribly elusive clause the Devil said was one that no one bothered to read (wonder why) and it stated that once immortality was achieved by the condemned the Devil had the power to take claim over the soul. Alfonso argued that if he was immortal he couldn't die so the Devil would have no use of him but the Devil simply replied 'I'm immortal'. And this is how Alfonso became the Devil's hound. He was forced to collect souls that were avoiding the Devil and try to claim new souls. After seeking the soul of a preacher’s daughter her brothers hunted Alfonso down. They trapped him and locked him in a coffin that was impossible to open.