Shel Silverstein

If you are a dreamer, come in

If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,

a hope-er a pray-er, a magic bean buyer...

If you are a pretender, come sit by my fire

For we have some flax-golden tales to spin.

Come in! Come in!

Plot & Synopsis

The secret has been hidden for over 300 years, a secret that nearly destroyed the world. Now as the world is at its weakest that deadly secret is awakened. In dystopian Scotland a young couple, Darius and Chelsea drive their hearse through an ancient catacomb and looking for a way out they stumble upon a haunted tomb and end up freeing the demon Alfonso. If things weren’t bad enough, all hell breaks loose in this small village as the elusive illusionist Alfonso runs his course. Can Chelsea, Darius and their friends Noah and Rosie resist the suffocating depression of their village and find the will to fight against the overwhelming evil of their time and defeat Alfonso?

400 years before the story begins Alfonso makes a deal with the devil to become an illusionist. To avoid ever dying and going to hell, Alfonso replaced his heart with a mechanical one and began stealing others blood to keep it going. One hundred years after he achieved immortality the devil came to him and showed him a clause in the contract that stated when the condemned reached immortality, it was common aspiration, they then became his reaper. Alfonso was to collect those who had sold their souls and whose time was up, he was also to gain new souls. Alfonso had no choice but to obey. 

One Arabian night he was to meet a lady in a cave by the dunes so they could run off together. He’d been courting the lady in the hopes of gaining her soul but the woman had been playing him too. That night instead of meeting him she sent her brother. Her brother showed up to the cave with a wise man, together the two stopped Alfonso metallic heart, bound him like a mummy and buried him in several caskets. They hid him away in a tomb. Over the centuries the tomb was robbed numerous times and Alfonso’s outer caskets were broken but he was never freed. Later he was discovered by explores and shipped to England but somehow he ended up in a catacomb in Scotland. Where ever the casket went trouble ensued. 
At this time Man was struggling with war, control, and civilization, nearly every country had had its own revolution against their government. It was then, in the chaos of fallen order that people decided there was only one way to end the unrest and that was to eliminate the problem. They eliminated all forms of government and authority. There would be no boundaries, no borderlines, just people taking care of each other under one flag. The idea was the perfect utopia but what resulted was the worst dystopia. 

Two years after the Uniting of the World everything was mellow, their utopia appeared to succeed. Then every macho-man and his hot-headed cousin tried for world domination. There was more war in the following four years than the world had seen in centuries, the only difference was these battles took place with less weapons.
Quite suddenly all communication fails. A high frequency signal was last recorded coming from Scotland, it was more of a brain wave than any electronic signal but after that all communication ended. Life regressed quickly to scavenging and brutality as everyone tried to gather the pieces of their broken world not knowing how to put the puzzle back together again. (The main characters are the first generation to be born in the dystopia they are called the cursed generation of the forsaken kids.)

​(Story begins here)
Darius Reid, a 21 year old hearse driver and womanizer, is courting the hard to get Chelsea Doherty. Darius is taking Chelsea through his romantic evening routine when she convinces him to let her drive. She ends up driving them straight through the wall of Alfonso's catacomb. With the romance lost, the two start looking for a way out. They stumble upon Alfonso's casket; it draws them closer to it. One thing leads to another and Alfonso is freed but he is very weak. Alfonso tries to kill Chelsea but Darius fends him off and Alfonso scurries off for an easier target. Chelsea and Darius escape and spend the night at Darius' home.

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Alfonso goes to Rosie's home and kills one of her sisters. Rosie goes to Reid’s Burial Home for her sister funeral. She then goes to Noah's house for help. Noah is the town odd ball; he is an inventor and Christian who has a horrible habit of staring off into space. But he is the only person Rosie can go to for help about her sister’s death. Rosie thinks her sister was killed by a demon. Noah confirms Rosie's suspicion, and offers to find out what type of demon it was that killed her sister. 
We return to Chelsea in the morning after her dreadful run in with Alfonso’s catacomb. She goes through the mundane motions of her life trying not to think about what happened last night but can’t help being jumpy. She has this ominous feeling that something is watching her the whole day. When she returns home from work she goes up to the lighthouse and spots a makeshift boat wrecking upon the shore. She runs out to it and finds a man unconscious inside. She calls her mother to help her and they both drag him inside. When the stranger wakes up they offer him some food and he tells them his story and his name, Alfonso (she does not know he’s the demon). They let him stay the night but the next morning he has to find work. He goes to Darius' home to look for a job as a worker and immediately gains Samuel's respect, much to Darius' annoyance. 

Darius tries to return to courting Chelsea but the romance is gone and they are forced to settle for an awkward friendship. Darius returns to his girl Friday and Alfonso starts courting Chelsea while killing other girls in the process to retain his strength and fulfill his reaper duty. Noah goes to town to investigate the murders then stops by Rosie's house. Darius see Noah and is very curious and a bit jealous. Darius climbs the side of Rosie's house and peeks into her bedroom window where Noah and Rosie are talking. For the first time Darius sees Rosie's paintings and realizes she's an artist. Darius over hears them talking about the demon and he finds out the demon is Alfonso as he as one clue they do not. 
He goes to confront Alfonso thinking he can scare him off, considering it worked once but he finds he is in way over his head. Darius tries to make a deal with the devil to stop Alfonso but the devil doesn't accept the deal saying, Darius' soul is already his. So Darius seeks out Noah's help. The three try to find some way to stop Alfonso. 

Darius tries to warn Chelsea about Alfonso but she thinks he is just jealous and says, he's stupid to believe the words of someone as crazy as Noah. She returns home for her date with Alfonso. Alfonso asks her where she was, and she tells him she was at a friend’s house. Later, Noah goes missing. Darius and Rosie go searching for him. 
Darius tries once more to warn Chelsea, he tells her Noah is missing. Chelsea grows suspicious of Alfonso as she told him she’d been to see Noah. She tricks Alfonso into leaving his home and she ransacks his house in his absence. She finds Noah tied up in the basement and tries to rescue him but Alfonso returns. 

Darius and Rosie run into the Arab on their search for Noah. The Arab helps them find Noah and Chelsea. The Arab and Noah defeat Alfonso and they all join in prayer to a kill Alfonso once and for all. A long wailing rings out as Alfonso dies and the little signal tracker Noah carries with him turns on. Darius goes home and settles his issues with dad and his relationship with Rosie. Noah and Chelsea sail off in search of adventure and a new world.