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Dec 8, 2009

So what are you doing for the holidays?...besides eating?

Christmas isn't coming for at least another three weeks, so I wasn't really going to do anything Christmas-y tonight. One reason, its too early and once you start with the holiday cheer you can't stop!!
Take Christmas music for example after you, or the place that you work at starts to play that Christmas music you can't turn it off!! Not even if it makes you go mad inside!!

But tonight I just have to be a little Christmas-y, by that I mean at 8:30 I'm plopping down in front of my TV and watching 'Prep and Landing' with a big bowl of popcorn. I saw a preview for it and I just couldn't resist...can you?



  1. nope, nope, nope, I can't resist...I'm too weak, not to mention a total sucker for cute little animations. Guess I'll be plopping myself down somewhere too, come 8:30 ;)
    p.s. you better not take my chair, argrrr!!

  2. hello! just letting you know i've given you an award:

  3. It's never to early for Christmas suff for me !! :D I love holiday music, holiday decorations, holiday everything ! But then again, maybe it's because my family isn't that into it, I have to compensate !

  4. eatin is one of the best parts of holidays...for me anyway haha
    thanks for following ^_^

  5. I love your post! It's bringing me holiday cheer! :)

  6. thanks for introducing me to the movie, because I didn't know about it, and it looks great!