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Feb 20, 2010

Concerning Millvalley

I've decided to start a blog series for writing tips and how they apply to my writing, how they can help you. One thing you need to know is I'm not a structured writer and my methods may not work for everyone but trust me when I say they make for stress-free writing.

Lesson one.

Some people think familiarity with a story/plot/character is a good thing, not always. In the case of Millvalley it isn't. I've been writing Millvalley since I was 12 so you can guess how familiar I am with it and that is really bad. Sometimes when I'm writing, old ideas that I had decided against keep find there way onto the pages of Millvalley along with a tacky writing style that I've struggled to mend. It seems like I cannot convert this story to my present day brilliance!

Needless to say this is very offputting and irritating, some have suggested that I just drop Millvalley all together, after hearing how perfectly wonderful my new stories are .
I have a charming habit of not listening to people when I don't like what their saying, so Millvalley still lives today...but I got brilliant idea from everyone's insisting I end it; a sure fire way of perfection.
I'm going to turn Millvalley into one of my new stories, pretend as if I just got the idea yesterday and have just begun to write it. How you ask?

By changing it so drastically that I have no familiarity with it at all, it's a completely new story with the same plot the same places the same characters yet completely different.
Allow me to introduce the new and improved Millvalley set in the charming Napoleonic era. (Apposed to 2012. Big leap huh?)
I think it shall be more magical a lot more fun to write and utterly intriguing. So to wrap up this lesson, if you're annoyingly familiar with something it might be time to reintroduce yourselves.



  1. Good tips.... Have a nice weekend :)

  2. you've been sunshined.
    check out my blog for details of your award

    Maria x~x
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