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Mar 31, 2010

Procrastinating about procrastination...

So sorry about not posting for...awhile but I was busy falling off the edge of the universe....

Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl that had it in her heart to do everything all at one and to do it perfectly. She wrote down her goals in life and all the things she wished to do, every morning she would wake up and look at her list. A smile would light her cherry lips and she whisper to herself 'I'm going to do that today.' as she pointed to every item on the list. But every night the list was just as long as it had been the day she wrote it and every morning the girl would wake up and say. 'I'm going to do that today...procrastinating her life away.

Procrastination is the thief of time.

So basically all I did in March was 30% writing 20% homework and 5o% procrastinating about how I'd do both items later, and later and later....etc.
Not very fun if you ask me.
So I've vowed to be different, I've vowed that in this glorious month of April I will do everything on my really long list to-getting-published one item a day--at least. Does that sound like procrastination in the making??
And I've vowed to post at least twice a week...I miss posting alot.
So what have you guys been doing while I was away? Anything fun? How is your Spring break going?

I really want to know :D


  1. I know I'm procrastinating when I'm not typing my latest WIP, but at the same token I'm plotting in my head always so it SORTA counts as working on it. :-)

  2. Your blog is gorgeous, and really interesting!
    Thanks for following mine! Its nice to know someone is reading!

  3. uuuughhhh procrastination will be the death of me

  4. That's a very realistic goal... you can do it. xoxo