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Oct 31, 2009

All you need is Love

To be or not to be? That is not the question. To Love or not to love? Now that is the question...whether it is wiser to write for your love or the love of others.

Others love is great but-not to sound conceded-I'd take my love over other peoples any day of the week...when it comes to writing.
It's all about knowing, I say, if you know your audience, you know what they love so you know what to give them. But if you are your audience what you write is purely for yourself and your enjoyment. I am writing Millvalley for myself and any one who loves a good novel may read it.

While still on the subject of love, I feel like rambling on about the issue of love in the actual story line. Needless to say romance has a key part in Millvalley, well if there was no romance Conner and Patricia would never do a lot of things (not spoiling). But sometimes it seems hard to stuff my story full of the romance it deserves while still focusing on the giant plot. *oh sigh*
I love to add some romance but just to make things clear "this is not a love story" and no its not "a story about love" either. Its a "dangerous mystery in which people love" there I said it, now you know what Millvalley is about.

And she's off....

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