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Nov 4, 2011

Lost & Figured Out.

Once upon a time there was a little girl in a red ridding hood and they called her Bella Rosa, because someone had already patented the the name Little Girl in a Red Riding Hood. One day Bella Rosa decided she was going to make a map of the forest so she would never get lost and would never have to ask for directions from a wolf.

They're so unreliable, they'll have you picking daisies for an hour, the nerve! So she skipped off to Oz and met a cynical green wizard in a green town who she stolen a hot-air balloon from; the girl called Dorthy would have to find some other way home. As Bella Rosa floated over her little village she quickly sketched herself a map and she would never be lost again---only now she had to find out how to get out of this flying basket...The End!

So I went a little crazy with that one, I watched the premiere of the TV show GRIMM last Friday and little red has been stuck on my mind. I so looking forward to tonight's episode. ^_^ Anyways back to topic!

That little story was a very long metaphor for writing. Writing is like the woods you can either get lost or have a wonderful journey. If you have a map you will know where you are going but you will still have the thrill of traveling through the woods.

Now it is time to make the map for our little Dystopian Vampire Romance. For times sake I would like the to call the map the plot-line. You'll see there is a great difference in length between the plot and the synopsis. The synopsis is what you show the readers to get them hooked, it can be found on the back of the book, the flap or online.

The plot on the other hand is something the reader never sees unless you were going to publish a book entitled, Behind The Cover of "insert title". The plot is every single detail and event of your story, the length depends on the complexity of the story. The longest plot I have is six pages, it's for this story that spans over fifty years, forty of those years take place before the story begins. The shortest plot I have is two pages it is about a character struggling with his own humanity.

Another important thing about plot lines is, you don't write in any dialogue unless it is terribly important like a prophecy. And though it has every little detail it is extremely vague. A good example would be an Brothers Grimm fairytale, those things are short and fairly vague but you can take them and create a 200 page novel out of them.

Click here to see the Plot and the Synopsis.
Click here to see the cast of characters.


NaNoWri Update: This is the four day and I've been managing to consistently meet my five page quota. I must say it's exhilarating to force one's self to write. That's the first time I've had to force myself to do something I love doing :D


  1. Congratulations on your NaNoWriMo progress! :)

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    Great post!

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  3. All this speaks to me - because i love writing too! i was a big diary writer and - one day i think, i'll write my ownn book. Meanwhile, it's fun to be part of your journey. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Brothers Grimm tales are excellent starting points to expand on! I love a lot of the images you chose to illustrate this post.

  5. I love this allusion for writing - a walk through the woods is such a good description.

  6. Wow, those first two photos are breathtaking! Lovely!

  7. Your first paragraph cracked me up. :D

    For my first novel, I wrote a plot line (like you suggested) before I wrote the outline. Actually it's not a bad idea. I might try that again for my new project.

  8. I love the idea of twisting a classic to make something new. Grimm tales are a great example.

  9. Beautiful post! Love the words and the gorgeous photos :)

  10. I love your little writing lessons, they are so wonderful! And I was dying to see Grimm, can't believe I missed it--hopefully it will be on demand.

    xo Mary Jo

  11. The Grimm tales were a staple for children long ago.