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Nov 25, 2011

Black Friday

Twas the day after Thanksgiving and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. For they had all stuffed their faces so much with home cooked turkey and mashed potatoes that none could wake from their food coma.

In a room to the left (or right depending on which why you were walking down the hall) was a young girls room. Normally around this time you'd hear about the failed adventure of that imaginative young soul but seeing as she is in a food coma and cannot come to the computer they're be none of that.

Instead in light of the holidays this post will be about something else. Glancing at the title (which is dead giveaway) one might guess we're going to talk about Black Friday. And yes we are. The little girl for one does not understand the concept of Black Friday. Do people intentionally go to a store to fight and be fought over electronics? she wonders, then remembering Confessions of a Shopaholic she decides there must be some rush involved with ripping a Barbie doll out of a bewildered mom's hands.

But whatever the reason, whatever the rush, this little girl does not plan on joining in the fray anytime soon. In fact she doesn't plan on doing anything this Friday. She plans on doing a whole lot of nothing on this glorious day! No Homework. No worries...wait there is that NaNo thing she's working on and has to write!

*Face palm*
She wonders why it is that she does this to her self.

So I guess this is what I'll be doing this weekend. What do you plan on doing this holiday weekend? How was your holiday? What is your take on Black Friday? Have you ever gone to Black Friday? Is it one of those you have to be there to understand type things, like Disco?



  1. Hope you had a lovely thanksgiving - I saw about Black Friday on the news, it looks crazy! x

  2. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! I have never gone into the fray of Black Friday and don't plan on it ever either ;-) We actually spent the day at the Museum in San Francisco instead, viewing the Venetian Masters. It was a lot more civilized pondering Tintoretto and Titian than bobbing and weaving, and an occasional upper-cut, for clothes at a mall!

  3. Holiday decorating and visiting up with friends for dinner and brunch - and some doing nothing if possible! xx

  4. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Friday of holiday - definitely better than fighting through the shops!

  5. you and your blog are quite adorable. <3 love it so much.

  6. Hope you made it through the weekend and had a little fun! After a grueling week, the end of the week/weekend was so much fun and I went overboard shopping, of course!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! cute post!

  8. oh wow, your blog is really special!!

    all the best from stockholm,
    xx mika

  9. It sounds wonderful! I hope everything went well. There are even more better days coming... :)