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Oct 14, 2011

A New Approach.

There was a clock, that sat atop a great clock tower (why where else would it sit) and every day that clock would chime at two thirty in the afternoon. At the sound of the chiming clock the citizen of this fairytale-ish village would wake from their immobility. Some called that time the Hallowed hours; though that was not very accurate for the Hallowing lasted over many hours.

As the years went by the Hallowing hours seemed to last over days and no one could do anything to stop those day hours. The villagers even tried fiddling with the great clock but nothing seemed to work. Those silent hours still came and they seemed to last longer every time.

This was because the little girl was not little anymore, she had not the time to be constantly writing the happenings of their little village, or even to think about them. Her life was filled with other such things. Her mind longer evening power to that great clock and so the Hallowing continued.

The reason this blog has been terribly sparse as far as the whole posting business goes is it only covers one aspect of my life and that part has been put on the back burner of late. I have being trying to make writing a bigger part of my life but life just doesn't seem to want that.

Between school, homework and sports there hardly seems anytime to write away more :( I remember when I was in high school I had so much time I could lend it out to my neighbors but now I'm going door to door asking for it back and finding its all used up.

So I'm going to try something different, it's called organization. What a novel idea huh? I'm going to try to set aside every Friday to do a blog post and if I can't think of any little inspirational writing nuggets well I'll just have to put up something else...Have I ever told you I've got this boot fetish??

However, today is not one of those days, I've uploaded the second character profile of story, the boy Darius.



  1. haha I get busy, too. I had stopped blogging so much at all! But, I got through the busy and now blog a lot more. probs too much! But being organized is a gooood idea.

    Lovely Little Rants

  2. I love the clock at the top. It's so beautiful!

  3. Yes, getting organized is so important - and blogging can help! Although, it's frightening sometimes, how fast a week flies by ... you blink - and there - it's friday again ;) Do keeep letting it come, am your newest follower!

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - I love yours, your background is gorgeous! I know what you mean about being too busy to post, it happens to me too much I need to get organised! x

  5. I feel ya. Sometimes I have so much time to blog, and I am so inspired. Other time, I go weeks. I try to remember that blogging is for me, and that I shouldn't feel pressured.

    Good luck on getting organized! And thank you for visiting my blog.



  6. wow, your blog is a visual feast.
    i hardly ever feel organized. but i envy those bloggers who actually stick to a regular schedule. good luck.

  7. :( i feel identified with you so much!!!!! when i was in high school i used to write everyday on notebooks instead of a blog! it was a way of life, now is just a hobby..

    keep on the good work and always take some time to do what you love,

    happy week,

  8. glad you found your way back! adore the lil dancing fairies here:)

  9. I agree, being organized helps. I usually just write a few posts and save them as drafts then publish on the days I want to :)

  10. Love your beautiful blog. Hope that you will post lots more, I really enjoyed reading this!

    xo Mary Jo

  11. Looking forward to more of your Friday musings. Xxxx

  12. Keep on putting your writing at the top of your list and it will take you beautiful places-- you're so talented!

  13. cute post.
    and nice blog.
    thanks for stopping by me so i could find you

  14. Ohh.. I know what you mean... don't worry.. it will get better :)

    I'm so sorry I haven't been by sooner, I thought I'd followed you back last week, but I was mistaken.

    Can I just say.. you have a beautiful blog! :)

  15. Organisation does help - but time is never enough!