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Aug 7, 2010

Behind the begining.

Once upon a time there was a little girl that was never allowed to enter a library. This was because she was notorious for tearing the covers off books. when asked why she did this, the little girl replied.

"I was just looking for the beginning of the story."
"But the beginning of the story is right here." the questioner said, pointing to the first page of the book.
The little girl looked at the book for a moment before shaking her head.
"That's where the story starts!" and she ripped the cover from the book. "but where is the beginning??"

Authors are very selfish people.
Don't try and deny it you know it's true. You think, 'They take so much time crafting this marvelous story and it was so kind of them to share it with me'. But there is so much more that they are withholding!! They give you just enough tales about the character for you to love them but keep the rest behind the covers.

The story truly starts years, even decades before Page One; it starts when the characters are born and maybe even before that. As an author, I get to see my characters grow up, make the choice's that lead them into my story scoop and trap them in my pages. As an author, I reserve the right to never show you this *insert evil laughter*

But as an overly sharing blogger I feel obligated to include you, lovely audience, in the entire process, I did promise an open story didn't I??
Also the more I share the more I learn, 'cause you guys are just that helpful :D

Page One of most books is the page just before things get interesting, but before things got interesting the characters had to develop into what you now see on the page. That my friends is what the little girl was looking for, the true beginning!
However, she wasn't ever going to find it hidden in the books covers. If she looked into the characters lives, into their pasts she'd have a better chance of finding it.

Without characters there would be no story, so it's only fair that the true beginning should be pieced together by the characters, themselves. That is where Character profiles do a world of good, they chronicle the characters journey to Page One. I find that these little chronicles are the most fun, you can really get to know the characters.

This is the first step to writing a story, after you get the idea, so sometime this week I'll upload some character profiles for you, so keep your eyes peeled, it'll be worth it; believe you me ^_^



  1. Wonderful post!

    I love it when a sudden character just pops into my head and onto the page. In a way, this character reveal himself/herself to me..

    Thank you for your words of comfort!

  2. I agree with your thoughts and like that little girl, I normally get attracted by the cover. A character profile at the front of the book would be wonderful. It would certainly be a lot more helpful. xoxo

  3. So true! I love the story about the girl ripping the covers because I totally feel the same way. That's why I'm so sad when a book ends- because I know the character is still going but I'm not allowed to go with it.

  4. So true! I often wish that authors would write a prequel to their novel, explaining the history of the characters.

  5. I loved this post. It really got me thinking. x

  6. I like your post! Very imaginative and creative. And...can you (please!) follow my blog?? :D Thank You. LuneXian is.. that girl from school that share your same passion for writing.